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This community is about making projects. You can find other users to collaborate with, by creating or participate in projects. It can be for work or fun, you decide. Makewhatever is a way to access the power of the crowd and the resources that hides within.

User area

When you login the first time you start at the “user area”. Here you can create or join discussions or groups and interact with your friends in the community.

Add skill and see matches


You have some skills or interest you want to put to use. In this case youhave to click on “Profiles” in the top menu. Then click on add skill in the submenu just above the activity stream.

At the “Add Skill” you can choose between several Skill categories.

Choose a skill category

After choosing a category you name the headline of the “Skill”, fill-out the description field, and tag the skill. The tag is very important because we use it in the matchmaking. If we don’t know the tag you can add it to our database by using the field “Add New Tag” below. When your done click submit and you skill will have been added. You can make one skill entry per category, but use as many tags you like.

comple skill creation


Next you click “Matches” in the submenu and you can see which project match your skill tags.


You can always click “Projects” in the top menu, and use the filter search to see other projects in your skill category.

Joining Projects

It is quite easy to join projects. You just click on the project name, where you get linked to the Project dashboard. Here you can fill out this form and send a proposal to the project administrator:


At the Project dashboard you can comment and see the other task for the project. Interaction is very important to qualify the project and make new cool innovations, so please comment.

Project creation

If you want to create a project, you can create a project in the “Projects” section.


 You now have access to the Project creation template.



You have now created the project and will get forwarded to the project dashboard.


Task Creation



Here you see the Task template:



Next you add tags to the task.



At the project dashboard you can see which user matches your task, Proposals for the project and Gantt chart for the created task.


This is an overview of the task which other user can see:



We want to make use of a community token to reduce the need for real money. For that have we made a wallet.


This is how it works:


You transfer tokens like this:

  You can also request a cashout and we will transfer the money to the account you prefer. This is how you do it:




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