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Build up digital identity for woodshop

PaulCreator: Paul

Im a skilled woodworker who only transfure wood into AAA quality wood for only the top tier wood work.     I want to build up a digital identity ...

Crowdsourced newsmedia

TheAnchorCreator: TheAnchor
Other Projects by TheAnchor

Social media has disrupted many businesses, also news media. Crowd journalism is faster than ordinary journalism, but there is a validation problem...

Global salesforce

stefanCreator: stefan
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Lets make a place where product holder meets a salesperson. Money make the world go round, but sales makes the money come into the business. Marke...

Jam 'n' Cover festival

TheMusicResurectionCreator: TheMusicResurection
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Have you ever wish to experience a music concert with a favorite band, but can’t because they are not around anymore?We want to experience the mu...


MakeWhateverCreator: MakeWhatever
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Are you ready to implement a paradigmshift?   This is the project for developing and running the MakeWhatever community. Lets us hear what you thi...

Smart Learning

FunlearningCreator: Funlearning
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Khan academy is first mover in revolutionizing the education online, and now they want move into the real world and make physical schools. Let’s ...


rhoeghCreator: rhoegh
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TOR Smartphone

GhostcallerCreator: Ghostcaller
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Big brothers and bad boys is watching you! Want to go under the radar? The TOR smartphone is what you need. Show you interest and sign up for the d...

IT & Tech

E-learning game

rhoeghCreator: rhoegh
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E-learning games gonna change the way our children is educated. We want to take part in this new frontier.