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"MakeWhatever" is now your active project.

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MakeWhateverAre you ready to implement a paradigmshift?   This is the project for developing and running the MakeWhatever community. Lets us hear what you think and which direction we should move.   We finance the projet with ordinary payments, shared revenue and Makertokens. Contact us an we wll work something out.        

Project Tasks

Task Title: Social Media Campaign

Help us create our soical media campaign and be ambasadør.

Which sites and platform should we be on? What content to promote? Which tag strategy should we go for?

Task Title: Project Manager SocialMedia

We need managers to help coordinate the work.

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Name: Stefan
SkillName: Project Management, Project Management
Task Percentage: 67%
Project Match Percentage: 14%

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Name: Rune
SkillName: Project Management
Task Percentage: 33%
Project Match Percentage: 7%

Task Title: Wireframming

We need help to implement feedback and make wireframes for the site. The present site is build upon Joomla and the modules is not made specifik to our purpose. We want  to make a site which is specific build to the community purpose. 

Task Title: Recruiter

Finding the right people is not easy. It takes time, knowledge and human skill. Are you up for it?

Task Title: Coding And Programming

Getting the site developed and make the vision come true takes a lot of coding and programming.

This is a key mission to succed.

Get involved and make the code of the future.

Task Title: Matchmaking

Task Title: Create FaceBook Account

Create FaceBook account

The name of the page-profile is makewhatever

Task Title: Create Twitter Account

Create Twitter account

Task Title: Create Reddit Account

Create Reddit account

Task Title: API

Help us develop a API which makes us able to exchange user data across communities and platform. This would be a big step in making a key infrastructure in the collaboration economy.


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