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"Jam 'n' Cover festival" is now your active project.

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Jam Have you ever wish to experience a music concert with a favorite band, but can’t because they are not around anymore?We want to experience the music of dead or dissolved band at live concerts! We want to dance together with other fans, and show our love and dedication to the great music of the past.Therefore we are starting organizing “The Jam ‘n’ Cover festival”. If you think that sounds like a great party you want to join, then sign up, so we can get the show on the Road. We love to help you get the party to your home city. Its non-profit, but people need to get paid. We hope to pay through a shared income plan

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Project Tasks

Task Title: Organizer Group

 Drop us a message or write in the comment if you want to join the organizer group.

Task Title: Vision For Festival

Vision for festival

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