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Crowdsourced newsmediaSocial media has disrupted many businesses, also news media. Crowd journalism is faster than ordinary journalism, but there is a validation problem regarding this, because there is too much rumor and lies on the social media. Therefore let’s establish a news site which is based on what is happening on the social media and with a focus on validating the news story. The site will follow tags, and give validated news and stories within these tag clouds.   We use shared income as part of the payment

Project Tasks

Task Title: Firestarter

Are you a Firestarter?

Do you want to take a shoot of the news media of tomorrow?

Join the firestarter team.

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Name: Stefan
SkillName: Project Management, Project Management
Task Percentage: 50%
Project Match Percentage: 60%

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Name: Rune
SkillName: Project Management
Task Percentage: 25%
Project Match Percentage: 20%

Task Title: Vision

How should the crowdsourced newsmedia give news to the world.


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Name: Stefan
SkillName: Strategic Planning
Task Percentage: 100%
Project Match Percentage: 60%

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