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Shared Income policy

Discussion started by MakeWhatever 6 years ago

Makewhatever uses these three kinds of payment.

•    Ordinary payments
•    Tokens
•    Shared income

This is the description of our Shared income policy.
It is a way to involve people in projects and make sure that every contributor gets a piece of the action. We hope that this can help stimulate contributions.  We reserve a minimum of 10 % of makewhatevers revenue which is to be transferred as payment. This payment is shared as described below.

There are four categories in which the users can progress. Each category receives ¼ of the reserved money:

1.    Supporter: A user which is active or has contributed to the project.
•    The user receives an amount of makertokens for different kind of activities.
•    We then share the money according to the percentage of makertoken you have received for your activity.

2.    Committed: User which is appointed to solve a task.
•    The User qualify to the next category when solve task equal to the value of 21 hours per week for two years.

3.    Strategic partners: User which has strategic importance for the project.
•    The User qualifies to the next category when the user has solved a task equal to the value of 21 hours per week for two years.

4.    Partner: User which has founded the project or has qualified through the former categories. This category is supposed to be a new way to earn a “pension” and will continue to pay users.

Category two, three and four, share the money between the qualified users within each category.

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