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The Vision

Discussion started by MakeWhatever 6 years ago


At we want to change the way we work and how we share it.

We have a plan to build up the community platform and with your help we will make it happen.

We are developing a live working MVP, which contain

·         Community forum

 ·         Profile

 ·         Project

 ·         Matchmaking

 ·         Wallet

 We are seeking support and help to develop makewhatever into a platform that in final stage is totally self-organized and self-funded community. 

 The traditional way of producing both goods and services and the exchange of currencies, are now disrupted with


The Vision

 We have a vision!  People should be free to makewhatever they want. Historical problems such as unemployment and poverty can be solved by the use of technology.

 We not only have a vision, we have a roadmap of how to get there and a MVP ready.

 A new paradigm is on the brink of emerging. Are you ready for it?

For the first time in history it has become possible to engage and coordinate activity and work much more efficiently, both locally and globally, and across organizations and businesses because of technology. We expect that we soon will experience a rise in sustainable and effective production, which is going to make the traditional way of industrial production, lack far behind – we want to put you infront of it!

Our vision is to unleash the creative power and production forces from the crowd of the world as it has never been seen before. Through ages we have build wonders and advanced. Great achievements build upon our ability to mobilize, organize and coordinate resources.
Imagine what we can build if the forces of the global Crowd starts to collaborate? This is happening now.

Our ambition is to make a self-organized community, a kind of a virtual common, a field or a sandbox where projects can be realized, which have the tools and resources so people can MakeWhatever.

We want to make a crowdsource and collaborative community. A place where people can realize an idea, or use a skill by creating or joining a project. Results are created through collaboration in the community, powered by both rating and badges, and our token system which can be used a an medium of exchange and a way to accumulate value for the users contributions.


 The Internet has created completely new opportunities for collaboration and has, as a consequence of this, created a demand for tools that can facilitate this collaboration. These tools will allow the users, YOU, to connect with each other, and come together, in order to solve different endeavors .

  · is a platform, which aims to fulfill this demand.

 · is a community where YOU can find partners, co-creators, and collaborators, and thereby realize projects.
The outcome or results of these projects are divided between the participants according to preexisting agreements made between participants.

 · offers project tools, organizational concepts and business models for YOU, helping the projects progress towards success. 

 ·         A growing tendency on the labor market is; it’s becoming more project-based, we want to create a platform where ownership is given back to the people who create the value – you the user!

 Tokens, the money of tomorrow

Money has made the world go round since the beginning of time, in the middle ages alchemist searched for the Philosopher's stone, which where said could turn metal into gold.
We don’t believe in myths, but in science. Economy, sociology and IT has now shown its actually possible, to make “money” yourselves.

The lack of money means that many potential projects are dying, but this new way of using tokens could make these projects come to life again.

 A community which uses it’s own blockchain, a kind of credit-/currency system, as supplement to traditional payments would minimize the need for reel money.

If a community agrees upon a unit of payment and how it’s issued, value can be accumulated and the members can exchange their services and products with this token. Now it’s only the member’s competence and resources in the community, which set the limit for what they can make and which value chain the community can support.

We have ideas on how to organize this token system and we want to implement the blockchain technology. It’s an ongoing experiment and process for the world to develop a stable and fair economy.  Our token system is just one small step in that direction, and we need the invisible hand of the crowd to figure it out.

“ as a community would have profound positive effects by allowing a massive amount of people across the planet to coordinate their activities or labor and convert this it into value.” –

Historically, we have seen that new forms of organization, such as the Cooperative movement, have had positive effects on the economy.
Drawing our inspiration from this example, we believe that similar results could be achieved through the community, which we have envisioned.

The platform:

We have made a MVP for, which shows the great opportunities present to fulfill the quest of our vision.

 ·        User can sign up with their projects ideas and skills, and get matched with the right task and skills you need to make the project succeed.

·         The users can share the result, depending on what they themselves agree upon.

·         There is a social community section where users interact and create discussions groups.

·         We have also made a wallet, where people can administer their Maker tokens.

Our MVP is build upon a Joomla CMS-system, and there are some limitations. We want so much more then what the present system can deliver, and we therefore need to build a platform specialized to this purpose.

For example we want to have an efficient project management system, a distributed ledger known from bitcoins, a badge system for rating, etc., but it’s very challenging to implement in our present system.

This is what we need your help for. We want to make a better and more functional site. So we can be free to MakeWhatever.

Hope you sign-up :-)

If you think the stuff above is a cool vision,you can sign up and still take part in implementing this paradigm shift. We need all the help we can get, and there is room for everybody with our Shared income concept.  

Development process

We want to crowdsource as much as possible to get your feedback and involve you as much as possible in the process. We will of course use our own MVP, it will also be available on relevant sites such as github, reddit and of course on the sites you advice us to be on.

We have made plans for the different phases of the development. How far we get will depend on the support from you. 



Happy making :-)

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